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Video Conferencing

Connect with professional educators and scientists who can guide you through your content and provide new content for you to learn!

With the use of documents and screen sharing, our educators can describe the meticulous details of each concept to assure full clarity with diagrams, visual representations, and live communication to answer all your questions!

Video conferencing can be scheduled upon your request

Test Prep


Gain updated knowledge from previous students on standardized tests

Discuss professional strategies to score as high as possible on any test

Create personalized plans to gain confidence in solving every test question

Establish strong test taking skills and experiences

Project Advice

Send in your assignments, readings, and research and have professionals review and critique your progress! 

We enjoy working with you on your work and are willing to spend the extra time to investigate your personal academic journey!

Work long term with an educator, to supplement video

Academic Planning

Establish a long term academic plan set out with Professional guidance

Gain from the experience of countless previous students from a decade of education

Propel your academic career with a mindset of productivity and attention to detail

Build a foundation for your future in academics and employment with new skills and strategies 

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